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Captain America 2 “Easter Eggs” Checklist


So I may be the only Geek (with a podcast and a website) in the universe that hasn’t seen Captain America 2 yet; however, maybe the joke is on YOU. Now I have an official Marvel Approved checklist of Easter Eggs to be on the look out for when I do see it.

But wait there’s more! Marvel wants you to post your answers on various social media websites with the hastag #CAPEASTEREGGS. If you are able to answer them all and share each of the correct answers online…you and your social media friends just may very well rewarded with a free digital downloads. Alas, here they are:

  • The helicarriers have new engine “tech” based on someone’s up close and personal look…
  • Keep an eye out for a few words from a “Mandarin Attack” survivor in Cap’s museum exhibit…
  • These two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents wrote themselves into the Batroc’s interrogation scene…
  • Hydra was behind this famous character’s “parents” accident…
  • Notice something “strange” when Agent Sitwell lists some possible threats?
  • Notice the doctor that comes to Black Widow’s aid in Fury’s undergrounds HQ bears a “direct” resemblance to someone…
  • Which famous comic book creator makes an appearance in the Winter Soldier’s lab?
  • Check out who’s on guard duty at Cap’s museum exhibit…
  • Catch a glimpse of a certain “tower” when the helicarriers are locating their targets…
  • Which S.H.I.E.L.D. agent “crosses” paths with Cap & lives to fight another day…

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Metal Geeks 33: Matt Harvey of Exhumed Geekery


Get ready to rock out with your geek out as we have returned from out of the darkness with a brand new episode of Metal Geeks Podcast, where we dive into the geeky mind Matt Harvey from the mighty Metal stalwarts, Exhumed! Join us as we discuss the band, touring, and get into lots of comic geekery before we lose Matt to the dark forces once again. Rest assured, Matt will return to the show to geek out once again!

Find out more about Matt Harvey and Exhumed over at the official Facebook page for the band at https://www.facebook.com/ExhumedOfficial and follow them on Twitter @exhumedofficial!

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