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Metal Geeks 33: Matt Harvey of Exhumed Geekery


Get ready to rock out with your geek out as we have returned from out of the darkness with a brand new episode of Metal Geeks Podcast, where we dive into the geeky mind Matt Harvey from the mighty Metal stalwarts, Exhumed! Join us as we discuss the band, touring, and get into lots of comic geekery before we lose Matt to the dark forces once again. Rest assured, Matt will return to the show to geek out once again!

Find out more about Matt Harvey and Exhumed over at the official Facebook page for the band at https://www.facebook.com/ExhumedOfficial and follow them on Twitter @exhumedofficial!

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MSRcast 141: Houston Doom Brigade

Welcome my friends to brand new episode of MSRcast. During this episode, we dive into the Houston Doom scene by interviewing two great local bands in the scene, Project Armageddon and Sanctus Bellum. If you are a local Houston metal head, you will definitely recognize both of these names. Listen in as we discuss all sort of Doomy topics, and play music from both bads, as well as influences and other Doom bands from around Texas! Doom on!

Project Armageddon – Into The Sun – Tides Of Doom
Project Armageddon – Sanctimonious – Tides Of Doom
Las Cruces – Revelations – Dusk
Solitude Aeturnus – Together And Wither – Downfall
Wo Fat – Enter The Riffian
Project Armageddon – Tides Of Doom – Tides Of Doom
Project Armageddon – Fallow Fields – Tides Of Doom
Pentagram – Much To Young To Know – First Daze Here Too
Helstar – Baptized In Blood – Nosferatu
Sanctus Bellum – Dumb Luck Divinity – The Shining Path
Sanctus Bellum – Ephaniah – The Shining Path
Sanctus Bellum Live with Bobby Liebling from Pentagram –
Sanctus Bellum Live with James Rivera from Helstar – At The Gallows End

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[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/msrcast/141.mp3]

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