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MSRcast 238: The Keys to Metal – Part 2

Joining Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon for this very special 2-part episode of MSRcast is Maurice Eggenschwiler from Blues Funeral, and expert on all things metal, especially with keyboards. We present to you the Keys to Metal as we finish our discussion on the of Keyboards, Synths, and various other keys based instruments in the history of metal! Stay safe, and keep it metal!


Type O Negative – My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend – October Rust

Rush – The Big Money – Power Windows

Samael – Rain – Passage

Dance With the Dead – Diabolic – The Shape

Firewind – Angels Forgive Me – The Premonition

Amorphis – Towards and Against – silent waters

Ulver – So Falls the World – The Assassination of Julius Caesar

Emperor – I Am The Black Wizards – In the Nightside Eclipse

Oceans of Slumber – The Decay of Disregard – The Banished Heart

Opeth – Beneath the Mire – Ghost Reveries

Rainbow – Stargazer – Rising

Children of Bodom – Kissing the Shadows – Follow the Reaper

Enslaved – As Fire Swept Clean the Earth – Below the Lights

Chris Amott – Symphony of Home – Electric Twilight

Negura Bunget – Cunoasterea Tacuta

Thryfing – Angesterns Hogborg – Vansinnesvisan

Edge of Sanity – the Last Song

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MSRcast 136: Oceans Of Slumber Interview


Welcome to episode 136 of MSRcast where we interview the progressive metal band, Oceans Of Slumber. Hailing from Houston, Tx and featuring members of Demoniacal Genuflection, Ingurgitate, and Insect Warfare, prepare for an auditory journey into multiple styles of metal melded into one piece of metal that will rip you to shreds. We sat down with the entire band, to discuss the new album, Aetherial, touring, influences, and what to expect from the future from this quintet. Don’t worry, we play plenty of songs from the album, some influences, and some other tracks from their varied bands as well! Enjoy!

Oceans Of Slumber – God In Skin
Oceans Of Slumber – Only A Corpse
Oceans Of Slumber – Primordial
Demoniacal Genuflection – Into Temples Macabre
Oceans Of Slumber – Aetherial
Pantera – The Sleep
Samael – Baphomet’s Throne
Type O Negative – Love You To Death
Ingurgitate – Human Analog
Insect Warfare – Self Termination
Infernal Dominion – So Far Gone
Oceans Of Slumber – Blackest Cloud
Oceans Of Slumber – Great Divide

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MSRcast 136: Oceans Of Slumber Interview

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