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Captain America 2 “Easter Eggs” Checklist


So I may be the only Geek (with a podcast and a website) in the universe that hasn’t seen Captain America 2 yet; however, maybe the joke is on YOU. Now I have an official Marvel Approved checklist of Easter Eggs to be on the look out for when I do see it.

But wait there’s more! Marvel wants you to post your answers on various social media websites with the hastag #CAPEASTEREGGS. If you are able to answer them all and share each of the correct answers online…you and your social media friends just may very well rewarded with a free digital downloads. Alas, here they are:

  • The helicarriers have new engine “tech” based on someone’s up close and personal look…
  • Keep an eye out for a few words from a “Mandarin Attack” survivor in Cap’s museum exhibit…
  • These two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents wrote themselves into the Batroc’s interrogation scene…
  • Hydra was behind this famous character’s “parents” accident…
  • Notice something “strange” when Agent Sitwell lists some possible threats?
  • Notice the doctor that comes to Black Widow’s aid in Fury’s undergrounds HQ bears a “direct” resemblance to someone…
  • Which famous comic book creator makes an appearance in the Winter Soldier’s lab?
  • Check out who’s on guard duty at Cap’s museum exhibit…
  • Catch a glimpse of a certain “tower” when the helicarriers are locating their targets…
  • Which S.H.I.E.L.D. agent “crosses” paths with Cap & lives to fight another day…

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COMIC REVIEW: ALL-NEW Ultimate FF #1 (The Fail Federation)

UltimateFF1Following the Events of Marvel’s “Cataclysm”, comes a new run of Ultimate Comics like the one I am reviewing today; FF “The Future Federation”. This is not to be confused with The Future Foundation or The Fantastic Four; however, they are similar in their casting roles. The new version of the faction consists of the members of Doc Sue Storm, Tony Stark’s Iron-Man, Sam Wilson as the Falcon, and Danny Ketch aka Machine Man. Now, before the final review of the comic I read it over; twice. Both times I struggled to get into it. There was just something missing. At times, it was extremely Ultimate_FF_1_Coverhard to keep interested in and even harder to write-up a review on without saying, its Shit; THE END!…BUT, I wont do that! Lets break it down and talk about what could have been better.

The story begins with two local builders at the site of Galactus. Before you know it, BOOM! They are gone with an explosion of blue smoke. Next is a two page spread of the team and everyone at the scene of the explosion. There is just way too much going on in this page. Its hard to know where to look and there are pointless IQ scores next to the FF. The second thing what was to my displeasure was the horrible purple and blue suits. I don’t know if it was writer Joshua Hale Fialkov’s concept or the artists, Mario Guevara and Tom Grummetts conception; but they could of gone down so many different avenues with the new look. If it were my conception, I would have pulled from the Earth 616 universe and tweaked the stunning white and black costuming. Moving on. Further into the story there is a “What the hell?!?!” moment as Iron Man not only knocks himself out from a blast of energy from his suit while trying to use jump leads to break the force filed around him; only to be grabbed by their new unknown creators. One grabbing at his leg and the other at his leg, pulling most of the Iron man suit clean off; leaving him in his underwear…

Ultimate_FF_Preview_2Not everything is all “Doom” and gloom. The most redeeming quality about this book is an arrival of an Unknown Assailant being sent down by Agent Phil Coulson. Concealed in a coffin casing is to be held by someone who is so evil only this tomb can hold him. Once this persons energy is released from within the Coffin, the “big blue dome” they have been held in disappears. All of the work has now been saved. While Dr. Sue Storm is ranting, a mysterious figure begins emerging from the shadows. Then Sue hears the voice. She recognized the voice. The voice of Victor Van Damme (not Von Doom…remember its a different time line) Dr. Doom! Looking badass as ever! On a final note my score of The FF (Fail Federation) is a low 4/10! Don’t trouble yourself into buying it. It’s easily a title you can skip, but if you want to get into a new issue #1 you HAVE to check out Moon Knight or Magneto now those are issue number 1’s to invest in!

That concludes this weeks review so for next time Geekazoids. I am Hamid Hojabr. And all ways remember to “Rock Out With Your Geek Out!”

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Metal Geeks Podcast 25: Bozarth Geekery


Join your intrepid hosts, Cary G. and JM Metal Geek, as they venture forth out of the wastelands and seek out knowledge from all of the geeky scholars in the world. During this episode, we are joined by author, musician, autograph hound, actor, metalhead, whovian, and just generally all around geek, William Bozarth. Bozarth is an internet meme all unto himself, and can be found in the dark corners of the interwebs whenever people are spouting out wrong information! Will is known for his music with bands such as Bozarth and Goddamn Zombie; he is also an autograph collector! Just wait until you hear some of his stories during this episode. Listen in as we wax poetic on such topics as Disney Infinity, we speak about the tribute album Bozarth was involved with for David Gold and Woods Of Ypres, Will’s writing career with Spooky Skwerl Stories, why Bumblefoot from Guns N’ Roses was jamming with James Rivera of Houston metal legends, Helstar, Grand Theft Auto 5 (Who isn’t talking about it), our review of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, and we dive head first into all of the Fall TV shows! That is just the tip of our topics!

Follow our guest and all his shenanigans on twitter, @bozarth, and on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/will.bozarth

Join us on our website at http://www.msrcast.com to keep up with all the geekiness. Follow us on twitter, @metalgeeks, @JMmetalgeek and @msrcast. You can now find us on Instagram, @metalgeekspodcast. Find us on Facebook/MetalGeeks. Subscribe to Metal Geeks Podcast on iTunes, and leave a review and a like us whilst you are there. Don’t forget to pay a visit to Ultness.com, our new home for all of our Metal Geeks Shenanigans! We are also now proud members of the Rhymes With Geeks comic podcast network. Check them out at http://www.rhymeswithgeek.com. Catch you on the next episode, and Keep It Geeky!

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