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MSRcast 216: Wizards of Metal


Warbeast – Nightmares In The Sky – Destroy

Soilwork – Stålfågel – Verkligheten

Helevorn – A Sail To Sanity – Aamamata

Swallow the Sun – Here On The Black Earth – When A Shadow Is Forced Into The Light

Rifftera – Two Sides of the Story – Across the Acheron

Rigor Mortis – Wizard of Gore – Rigor Mortis

Flotsam and Jetsam – Prepare for Chaos – The End Of Chaos

Meadows End – Non-Dreaming Eye – The Grand Antiquation

Ancient Bards – Titanism – Origine – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2

Nailed To Obscurity – The Aberrant Host – Black Frost

Brave The Waters – To Be Alone – Chapter II – Days of Solitude

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Metal Geeks 11: Shameless Geekery

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Welcome, Geekazoids to Episode 11 of Metal Geeks, your source for all kinds of geeky topics. We discuss lots of TV this episode ranging from shows like Lost, the Walking Dead, the Following, Arrow, Vikings, and Alphas. We also discuss why Andrea is such a whiny beeatch! There is also metal news, Randy Blyth acquittal and the two versions of Queensryche. Enjoy this episode! We are now officially part of Ultness.com, your new home for Metal Geeks. Rock Out With Your Geek Out! Contact us at themetalgeeks@gmail.com, on twitter @metalgeeks and @jmmetalgeek, our new home here at Ultness.com, and find us on Itunes, and subscribe for free and leave a review whilst you are there. Keep It Geeky!

Check out the Show Notes for Episode 11 in a zine format! http://zeen.com/read/Uca7W2/metal-geeks-11-shameless-geekery?utm_campaign=issue&utm_medium=onsite&utm_source=profile

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