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MSRcast 218: Wings of Metal

Joining the MSRcast crew this week is Justin from Mindfudge Comedy Podcast as he joins Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon as they jam all sorts of new Metal!


Brymir – Hails From the Edge – Wings of Fire

Tyr – Garmr – Hel

The Elysian Fields – The Clavis Magna Doctrine – New World Misanthropia

Hypocrisy – Roswell 47 – Abducted

Dream Theater – Fall Into the Light – Distance Over Time

Queensryche – Blood of the Levant – The Verdict

Spectral Manifest – The Nether – The Nether

Blakken – The Ascendency of Evil – The Ascendency of Evil

Aenimus – Before The Eons – Dreamcatcher

Thormesis – Sonnen – The Sixth

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Building Temples From Death Fest 09/29/2012 Review by Bones \m/


Howdy Mothafuckers! 


Just 3 of the words that can describe what happened…what was heard..and what was witnessed..

If you attended the last Building Temples fest, you know what you were in for…and now to a MUCH more extreme level. Ossuary Industries and Adversary(both who have AND WILL continue to bring you the most extreme); have teamed up once again to bring BRUTALITY back to Houston. Revive the underground in Houston. Put Houston on the map once again\m/  21 bands for 20$?!?!?! Both upstairs AND downstairs stages?!  BITCH SLAP YOURSELF if you think this price was steep.  This time BBB made sure to bring some out of town AND out of state bands…all of the SICK caliber!!! Not to mention the sponsors…which included Dread Lair, Big Mike from LVDF, BrutalBliss, Scarlet’s Web, and others I will give worthy mention of in a few.  It is my opinion that everything ran smoothly, the sound was killer…fucking WELL DONE.

                 Lets not leave it at that…there is more to be told….

     The turnout for this fest was badass…period. No, it wasn’t the “Bands watching bands with few others” shit…PEOPLE CAME OUT. I even remember running into several folks who flew and drove to this, because it was TEXAS. I wasn’t too shocked, but I was if you know what I’m saying.  Every band was on point, and completely DESTROYING.  The pits were SICK. I personally DID NOT hear of any complaints or bitching.  Met A LOT of badass folks, saw a lot of familiar faces, and some old friends from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back. I know I had a FUCKING BLAST…and if you were there; I challenge you to tell me you had a shitty time. I’ll punch your fucking throat.  Now onto the bands!!!!!(Of those I can remember…might not be in order, so bear with me lol))

Whore of Bethlehem – The openers downstairs. A perfect way to kick things off I think! Twas my first time ever seeing them, and was fucking blown away!! The blackened death from Austin, Tx kicked off this fest with a killer set. They made the ceiling crumble(literally!!)  Reminded me of a Tx style Vital Remains\m/ They are getting a lot of shows lately, and you should do yourself a favor and check these brutal fellers out!! They might still have their demo, so grab that up too!! Hope they come back to Houston soon!! By the way fellers..need a copy of that demo!!

Madrost-These fellas from Cali surprised me!! First time hearing them, and even hearing of them. Think of a young band, with Hell Awaits and Scream Bloody Gore influences. Throw some new AND old school apocalyptic thrash in, and thats what I heard!!  Their stage presence was badass! It definately made you take notice\m/ Their Debut album is out and you should get a fucking copy!! I know I am\m/ Hope to see these guys again soon! Check the link at the end to make sure you dont miss out, and give these fellers a holler!!

Flesh Hoarder-Brutal, heavy as fuck sickness!! Was highly impressed!! TXDM showed in full fucking form\m/  The Pit opened up downstairs for these sick fuckers here, as well as it should always be when they play. Their presence was definitely felt by all who witnessed..as Im sure you know if you’ve seen them live before. Book this band for your shows and watch fuckers get movin!! This band is one I feel will definitely rise to badass stature, and I sincerely wish they come back soon and destroy Houston again!!  Their demo is out now, Hit them up for a copy…you’ll get your fucking teeth kicked in!!

Ominous-All the way from NJ, if you werent upstairs to catch their set..you missed out!! Dudes barely had any sleep, and STILL destroyed!! At first I was a little weird about the vocals, but my thoughts quickly changed half into their first song. I became in awe watching them completely KILL, and throwing the NJ style at some new faces..including mine. Definitely will be looking more into this band, and I WILL say this was one of the highlights of unknown bands(to me). They were a bit different in a vocal approach, but NOT in a shitty way…in a SICK way!! You should fucking check them out!!! They wont disappoint!!

Extremely Rotten-Ahhh yes, the Florida fellers\m/ Is the name familiar? It fucking will be!! Downstairs was yet again exploded by these maniacs…with Micheal from Diminished spewing vox!! Stage presence was highly active, and Mike even got down in the pit. The cover of Dying Fetus’ “Kill your mother…” was fucking brutal!! Twas my first time seeing them as well, and hearing their name a lot and reputation from the last Goregrowlers Ball….They fucking NAILED it!! Ive been smelling tour plans for these fellas, so if you havent seen them or heard them…its about fucking time you did!! If I am right, they have been to Tx twice now…and Id love to see them back here again REAL SOON.

Spectral Manifest-Black. Evil. Brutal!! Now signed to Ossuary, Spectral have the history that is well known in Houston…and rightfully fucking so!! Wraith Metal was in your face and well fucking received by the many who were there to witness\m/ This local 3 piece held it down and made sure you know the meaning and what Wraith Metal is all about!! A sick blend of all kinds of genres, you should at the VERY least take time to look into Spectral…I can guarantee you that you will seek more and fucking get smart!! They have some shows commin up soon Houston and support should be shown. Every time I have personally seen them..including this night..they have NEVER disappointed. Their debut on Ossuary should be commin out soon, so keep your eyes out!!!

Meathook-fuckin A!!!  Was highly anticipating the fellas from Arizona to crush..and they fucking KILLED. The brutality you felt when seeing these cats downstairs was un-fucking-deniable \m/ This was their cd release for Ossuary, and well fucking deserved guys!! Fucking face peeling brutality, making you want to kill the fucker next to you…I cant wait to get this cd!! I REALLY cant wait to see them live again and hope they come back to Houston, on a tour package worthy of this HEAVY FUCKING BRUTALITY!!! The pit was sick for them as well also…it made my bald ass fuckin move around fo sho!!! DESTROYED.

Funeral Rites-Houston veterans of the black!! Attacking the stage with a ferocity that only these dudes can do. Featuring Duane(Dying Fetus, Diving Empire, ect) as the fill on drums for this show…brought the unique black metal style they are known for\m/ There were some technical difficulties, but they recovered quickly. Playing a vast set from their new and old school catalog, was a different but needed addition to this fest. Its always sick to see Funeral play live, a energetic and stage owning band that is set to destroy!! This night was no different!! Look forward to their release on Dread Lair soon!!

Despise The Sun-Rocky Mountain BRUTALITY reigned downstairs when the midwestern fellas hit the stage!! Don fucking Evans and Co. beat the fuck out of ALL. I was really looking forward to their set and was NOT disappointed! Ruben Guerra was a surprise guest vox during their set, and fucking CRUSHED. They did a SICK job of making sure that you wont forget who they are…and leave you beaten!! Their Ossuary release is coming up, and is SURE to FUCKING KILL YOU…DONT MISS THAT.  This band seems to be constantly touring, so catch them soon!! THEY ARE FUCKING INSANE

Sacrificial Slaughter-On tour with Madrost and Isolation in Infamy(I will get to them shortly), tore the fucking roof off upstairs…bringing their death/thrash brutality all the way from Cali!! You’ve heard the name, but their energetic jams is what caught my attention and kept it\m/ They are old school sounding to some degree, but mix well with the blasting and sick fucking structure these dudes nailed!! Felt like I was in a fucking time warp with some of their riffs, CIRCLE PIT FUCKERS!!  This(yes I know-again) was the first time seeing em’, and was definately left wanting to hear more of em!! You will also upon your first listen…I FUCKING CHALLENGE YOU TO DISAGREE!!  CHECK EM OUT IF YOU HAVE NOT!!!

Forged In Gore-FUCKIN A. Was anticipating this band when I saw them added..and they fucking BROUGHT IT.  Slaughtering what you fucking thought you knew…these fellers were in top fucking form upstairs; laying WASTE and even shocking those who I heard were doubting(HA)!!  Brutal, Sickening and fucking slamming..the fuck would you expect when you have the members from Ohio brutes in Regurgitation?! NOTHING LESS. THATS what\m/ I’m not going to say it was better than seeing Regurgitation…but dammit…it felt like I was seeing a slightly different version. If you know of Regurgitation(OH) you know what I’m saying. Brian and Dan are veterans of the sick from the hills of OH, fuck man…do yourself a favor and look into Forged before you miss out!! The Regurgitation cover was BADASS- and not really expected from me…but a fucking SICK surprise!! Book them to your town and watch yourself DIE\m/

HOD-Leather. Spikes. Beer. Satan. FUCKING METAL!! These fuckers here made sure the downstairs would never be the same again. Playing a sick selection from their debut disc and as well as LIMBSPLITTER 2 tracks(\m/!!!!), if you were downstairs…your head was banging/body thrashing/horns raising. PERIOD. Was that Ed from Engaged in Mutilating killing on drums? Fuck yea I think. HOD ALWAYS destroys crowds!! Making mention that they played an exclusive track from the Limbsplitter 2 just for Houston(THANKS!!)…and ripped through a set that is sure to NOT be forgotten-or even lost in time\m/ If you never have seen or even heard HOD…DO SO NOW!! YOUR KILLING YOURSELF FOR NOT DOING SO. This is one band that is making their climb and laying waste to everyone in their path…so either join the march-or lie trampled!! FUCKING METAL.

Devour The Unborn-All the way from El Paso, the dudes made a SICK set happen upstairs! Been waiting to see them live for sometime now, and again…was floored!!! People have talked and speculated about their cd…but when they saw them live-THEIR OPINION CHANGED. These fellers are making quite a name for themselves, and their Ossuary debut has been spread upon the masses at a rate that-in all honesty-isnt surprising\m/ Marco Rivera was the vocalist during their set-and was fucking BRUTAL. Some say that their set seemed to drag on…maybe you werent into it fucker:P  The Slam monsters CRUSHED live, and really hope to hear more from these sick bastards SOON!!

Uncleansed-FUCK YES. Bringing the evil brutality upstairs…ripped through some familiar jams, and even introduced some new stuff!! Hailing from the hometown-and with a new guitar player who NAILED it by the way. Uncleansed have been and will continue to make corpses pile in the wake of whatever path they set themselves upon!! James as their new(well, to me) vocalist stepped up and fucking KILLED IT. Not that I was doubting anything about that, since he came from Perversum(resurrection?!) As many can attest. Uncleansed are ALWAYS tight live and will make you take fuckin notice\m/  I mean fuckin a..you have seasoned veterans all in one band here-THAT WILL RAPE YOUR SOUL.  They’ve proved this time and time again locally, at various fests including overseas!! LOOK THEM UP IF YOU HAVE NOT yet!!!

        And that my friends, closes out the bands before the headliners…now onto the 4\m/

Ingurgitate-Fresh off their European tour annihilation…they were an EXCELLENT choice of closing out the bands before the headliners. The hit the upstairs with a vigor of only few can obtain and did it with fucking PRECISION. Ron’s vocals were clear and heard well..the music itself? DO YOU NEED TO ASK ME THAT?! OF COURSE IT WAS FUCKING SICK. Dobber, Keegan and Anthony delivered the twists of old and new school heaviness, capturing the attention of MANY. Now, I did notice that Hutto was not on stage with them…and would have liked to see him jam with them as always; but I am sure there was a good reason for that. Even without Hutto though-THEY KILLED IT. I mean fuck people…what would you expect?! Ingurgitate is on the rise to conquer and kill all…and will continue to do so in my opinion. They have never disappointed live OR on record…and this set was another testament of many proving as such. If you havent checked these brutal fuckers out…I STRONGLY suggest that you do!!! Looking forward to future shows and recording from this fucking SICK band!!!

Putrid Pile-ANOTHER one man band you say? Well yea…but dont let others water down your ears before you hear them! One of many acts I was highly anticipating!! Pile played to a SICK crowd, all in anticipation of him to strike his first note\m/ As was I!! In my own mind-I was thinking that “now, is this gonna be good live?” FUCK YEA it is!! When he spewed into the mic and hit that first note-my eyes opened and was hooked instantly..and THAT never slowed down!!  Wisconsin based brutha here-he fucking KILLED!! Even later into his set…wore the ten gallon hat with pride(respect bro, respect!) I personally(as I’m sure ALOT of you are) were pleased that the fact he was a part of this-and he is as well!!  Lookin forward to you returning to TX-you sick muthafucka you!!

Embalmber-The lights dimmed down..and…whats that you hear? A Texas Chainsaw Massacre intro? Soon as I heard that-I bolted inside and saw these sick bastards arriving, and ready for what they had to bring\m/ Was badass that they played some classic shit(“There was blood everywhere”) and a good selection from their latest material-which is still SICK..should definately look into getting some of it!! Now, there are those who noticed their set got cut real short-but that’s due to your organizers of this fest hiring the guy from downstairs to get upstairs and run sound as well…making sure headlining bands had a SICK sound(in which they did). Personally yea I noticed it…but was STILL appreciative of the fact they came-they KILLED-and got some new people who have never heard this into them!!  This was one band I am really into and have been since-shit…to put it shortly..I was hooked since I got the “Rotting Remains” demo of what seems like AGES ago. Do yourself a favor and seek out “There was blood everywhere..” to start you off-on what will no doubt meathook(!!) your ass on spikes!!! RRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Disgorge-If you’re like me…you’ve been waiting on this for some years now.  At least ever since the news of them reforming was known!! Disgorge attacked the stage BRUTAL..and opened with one of my all time brutal death metal songs “Atonement”(RIP MIKEY!!) The pit ripped open, and I dove in that shit for DAMN sure!!! They were tight musically as always, and brought with them their new vocalist from Goretuary – the sewer spewing Nate\m/  As most bands did this day/night…Disgorge played EXCLUSIVELY for us here in Htown and in TX-and I(and Im sure a SLEW of others) are in MUCH appreciation of that!! New and old schoolers alike beat the shit outta each other, their stage performance was sick and I dont think ONE motherfucker was bitching or complaining\m/ Every time I’ve seen these bro’s live…they’ve-fucking-KILLED it, and again…did it WELL. They played a vast array of songs from their catalog…from “Cranial..” to “..Infinite Torture” and delivered them all with precise fucking execution…like you expected any fucking less!!!! Want to personally thank Ricky, Ed, Diego and Nate for continuing the sickness and bringing it to Houston for this fest…closing it all making fuckers NEVER forget!!b COME BACK SOON!!!

NOW…lets not forget the people who BUSTED THEIR ASS..threw alot of cash, and made this ALL happen!! By teaming up together, they all made sure you were to be leaving this fest-and talking about it for years to come-or at the VERY least…until 2013>8)

Ossuary Industries/BBB and Brutalbliss –  The forefront of it all!! and if you personally know them…you know that they pulled ALL the stops in combining efforts and worked hard with the following…

The Adversary/Luis and Jess Carlos-for many years(even DECADES) these two have and will continue to bring you only the most extreme shows in Houston!! Veterans in all respects, and a major partner in all the preporations!

Big Mike(LVDF)-The silverback of the pit!! and Creator of the SICK Las Vegas Death Fest!! Thanks for all that you have done sir, and for the extreme metal underground in general\m/

Dread Lair-Bringing you the underground extreme of WRAITH METAL!!! Rising up to conquer and make Houston fucking notice the coalition! Infamous for the Metal Summits and various other shows commin soon!!

Scarlette’s Web-Black metal momma and Company!! She knows her shit and has hosted a slew of shows-infamous for bringing bands here from across the globe!! The raffle went well, and if you didnt win it..no worries! Get your ass to their shop and get you some ink!!

Tony Koehl-One of the coolest and down to earth fellers Ive met in my entire life\m/ If you caught him slinging the paint-you became familiar with his work QUICKLY!! Check his work out and drop him a line!

Lock N Shock-For commin down and slangin some SICK ASS MERCH!! Rare merch at killer prices!!

Gorebag Productions-For also slangin some sick ass merch, as well as being provider of some of the best printing Ive seen personally in a LONG time!!

Boss Bodyworks-A quick addition, but still a badass one!! Thanks for providing your candles and oils..and proving that precription meds can suck it!! Im sure most of you saw the “Canniblis” or even smelled what was burnin at the Scarlette’s Web table\m/

Of course-Lets not forget who have contributed on their own! Sets of some SICK pics from the fest…

Miss Maga/Pqlana Music Pics/Faces Of Death Metal/Metal Moments photography!!!

as well as Fuglymaniacs.com for the BADASS vids on youtube that I continuously see poppin up!!

  And in closing I want to thank EVERYONE who started, contributed, sponsored, and fucking showed up to what was and IS one of the BEST shows AND fests Ive ever fucking been to. PERIOD.  Till next time fuckers!!!  STAY SICK, STAY BRUTAL, AND SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL AND ABROAD EXTREME MUSIC!!!!

 Rob/BONEZ 10/2012  


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