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MSRcast 240: Positive Power Metal

Join your hosts, Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon as they bring back special guest That Drummer Guy, Josh Rundquist, for an episode filled to the brim with happy and positive power metal! Stay safe, and keep it metal!

More info on That Drummer Guy: http://www.thatdrummerguy.com/

Spotify Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1i4gTZ4IqAtzjd4W4upQ81?si=NNzf5RDMQ6yAptYI6YGEkQ


Freedom Call – Metal is for Everyone – Master of Light

Lost Horizon – Think Not Forever – A Flame To The Ground Beneath 

Stratovarius – Hunting High And Low – Infinite

Avantasia – Let the Storm Descend Upon You – Ghostlights

Gloryhammer – The Land of Unicorns – Legends From Beyond the Galactic Terrorvortex

Beast in Black – No Surrender – From Hell With Love

Hammerfall – Hearts on Fire – Crimson Thunder

Nocturnal Rites – Still Alive – Grand Illusion

Cain’s Offering- More than Friends – Gather the Faithful

Helloween – I Want Out – Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 2 

Vision Divine – Angel of Revenge – Angel of Revenge 

Masterplan – Spirit Never Die – Masterplan 

Dream Evil – United – United

Dark Moor – A New World – The Gates of Oblivion

Fellowship – Can you feel the love tonight? – 

Dragonforce – My Heart Will Go On – Extreme Power Metal

NanowaR of Steel – Barbie: MILF Princess of the Twilight – Stairway to Valhalla

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MSRcast 137: Metallium Gatherum

It has come time to unleash episode 137 of MSRcast. There was plenty of brand new releases to play for you this episode, and that we did. During the recording process for this episode, the sad news hit that Clive Burr had passed away, and we couldn’t let this episode go by without playing one of our favorite rare Iron Maiden tracks with his drumming. Enjoy this episode of MSRcast, brought to you by Metal Injection and Mainstream Resistance. And remember, boys and girls, to keep it metal!137

Flotsam and Jetsam – “Ugly Noise” – from “Ugly Noise”
Pain Confessor – “Grim River” – from Incarcerated
Warbeast – “IT” from “War of The Gargantuas”
Omnium Gatherum – “New Dynamic” – from “Beyond”
Stratovarius – “Halcyon Days” – from Nemesis
Sacred Steel – “No God / No Religion” – From The Bloodshed Summoning
Sons of Aeon -“Seeds of Destruction” from “Sons of Aeon”
Okular – The Greatest Offender – from Sexforce
Nervochaos – “Sheep Amongst Wolves” from To The Death
Iron Maiden – “Women In Uniform” – from Women In Uniform
Anthrax – “Keep On Runnin” – from Anthems
Suicidal Tendencies – “This World” – from 13
Suffocation – “Eminent Wrath” – from Pinnacles Of Bedlam
Helloween – “Burning Sun” from Straight Out Of Hell
Amorphis – “Hopeless Days” – from Circle

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