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MSRcast 181: Tribute To Bill Bates


Welcome to episode 181 of the MSRcast Metal podcast and joining your hosts, Cary The Metal Geek and Sean The Metal Pigeon is Sweet Nightmares DJ Herman Garcia as we pay tribute to our fallen metal brother, Bill Bates. Bill was a legendary DJ in Houston on KPFT for 25 years, and was the impetus for Mainstream Resistance and this podcast itself. In fact, that is his voice you will hear in the original intro for the show. We play some of his favorite bands, and discuss the upcoming Memorial show. We also dive into some new releases ranging from Myrath, Dragony, October Tide and Avatarium! Keep it metal!

Visit the event page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1673424529576074/


  • Trouble – Pray For The Dead – The Skull
  • dead horse – Murder Song – Horsecore: An Unrelated Story That’s Time Consuming
  • Helstar – The King Is Dead – 30 Years Of Hel
  • The Scourge – Fuck With Fire – First Comes Destruction
  • Myrath – Believer – Legacy
  • Dragony – Shadowrunners – Shadowplay
  • October Tide – Swarm – Winged Waltz
  • Avatarium – Girl With The Raven Mask

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Metal Geeks 97: Elite Geekery


Join your hosts as they dive into a multitude of geeky topics. We pay tribute to the man without whom there would be no Metal Geeks podcast, legendary Houston DJ and friend, Bill Bates. We also lighten up the mood with some fun discussions about The Witch movie, how Deadpool is affecting all upcoming superhero movies, Star Wars Episode VIII begins filming, Star Wars Land updates, some metal discussion, and what video games we are looking forward to. The answer is Doom!

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