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Metal Geeks 72: Monkees Geekery


Join your hosts Cary the Metal Geek and George on a very special episode as we dive into the world of the 60’s group the Monkees! Cary just happens to be a huge Monkees geek, and to join him in his geekery is Ken Mills, host of Zilch: A Monkees podcast, as well as previous guest and huge Monkees geek, Larry Roberts from Chicago Doom Metal band, Novembers Doom! Join our discussion as we discuss our love of the band, and play some tunes by the Monkees as well as some killer Metal cover versions! On this episode of the Metal Geeks podcast, it is time to definitely Rock Out With Your Geek Out!


Trouble – Porpoise Song

Lid – Randy Scouse Git

Ludichrist – Last Train To Clarksville

Daily Nightly – Alternate Mix – Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones

Ken – Pleasant Valley Sunday

Larry – Tapioca Tundra

Visit our guest Ken Mills and his podcast Zilch: A Monkees Podcast over at zilchmonkeescast.blogspot.com/ and follow them on twitter @zilchcast. Also, join their facebook group over at www.facebook.com/groups/ZilchMonkeescast

Pay a visit to our other guest host for this episode, Larry Roberts and the Doom Metal band Novembers Doom over at www.novembersdoom.com/ amnd follow Larry on Twitter @NvmbrsDoom5 and Novembers Doom @NovembersDoom!

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Join us on our website at http://www.metalgeeks.net to keep up with all the geekery. Follow us on twitter, @metalgeeks, and @msrcast. You can now find us on Instagram, @metalgeeks. Find us on Facebook/MetalGeeks. Subscribe to Metal Geeks Podcast on iTunes, and leave a review and a like us whilst you are there. You can also find us on Stitcher! Don’t forget to pay a visit to all of our affiliates including Ultness.com, URCityradio.com, Nerdbong.com and Earth Station One.com, your home for all of our Metal Geeks Shenanigans! Catch you on the next episode, and Keep It Geeky!

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Admiral Mike Music Video

Porpoise Song (Theme From HEAD) Music Video 

Circle Sky from HEAD 1968

Circle Sky from Justus 1996

The last Monkees episode – Frodis Caper

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Metal Geeks 11: Shameless Geekery

11 logo

Welcome, Geekazoids to Episode 11 of Metal Geeks, your source for all kinds of geeky topics. We discuss lots of TV this episode ranging from shows like Lost, the Walking Dead, the Following, Arrow, Vikings, and Alphas. We also discuss why Andrea is such a whiny beeatch! There is also metal news, Randy Blyth acquittal and the two versions of Queensryche. Enjoy this episode! We are now officially part of Ultness.com, your new home for Metal Geeks. Rock Out With Your Geek Out! Contact us at themetalgeeks@gmail.com, on twitter @metalgeeks and @jmmetalgeek, our new home here at Ultness.com, and find us on Itunes, and subscribe for free and leave a review whilst you are there. Keep It Geeky!

Check out the Show Notes for Episode 11 in a zine format! http://zeen.com/read/Uca7W2/metal-geeks-11-shameless-geekery?utm_campaign=issue&utm_medium=onsite&utm_source=profile

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Initial Thoughts on Revolution

NBC has been hyping its new show Revolution for weeks and last Monday night it premiered. The concept behind Revolution is what would happen if all the technology and electricity in the world suddenly stopped working? In the beginning of the first episode this is what happens. The power around the world goes out, planes fall out of the sky, and everyone is sent hundreds of years back in time as far as how we all live. All modern technology no longer works. The show jumps fifteen years after the power goes out and US Government has fallen apart. The story follows a teenage girl as she journeys to find her uncle who she has never met to assist her and her friends to rescue her brother who has been kidnapped by a rogue militia. Her brother is kidnapped because the militia tried to capture her father and ended up killing him in the process and took the brother instead. The militia feels her father and uncle may have the key to turning the power back on. Even though the concept sounds good, Revolution fails to have any character development. The characters are boring and fail to make a connection with viewers. When the commercials first started airing for this show I immediately thought they adapted a book called Dies the Fire by S.M. Stirling where a similar event happens that changes the way physics around the world works. All technology no longer works like in Revolution but other things such as gun powder has changed as well. Unlike Revolution, the characters in Dies the Fire are fairly well developed and by the end of the book readers become attached to them. Hopefully Revolution will take some ideas from Dies the Fire and develop the characters better. For now I plan on watching a few more episodes and give the show a better chance to grow on me.

Revolution airs Mondays on NBC at 10 PM and is directed by Jon Favreau and produced by J.J. Abrams.

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