Metal Geeks 199: Predictional Geekery

First off, apologies for the audio issues during this episode. The gremlins took ahold of this episode, and will be banished and we will back to normal by the next one. Cary the Metal Geek and George were joined by the voice from the other room, Kimmu Borgir, aka Cary’s wife, as they discuss Oscar … More Metal Geeks 199: Predictional Geekery

Metal Geeks 22: Window To The Geekery

Welcome loyal Geekkazoids to another installment of Metal Geeks podcast! For this special episode, we invited a fellow podcaster, Paul Barrie from the Disney audio adventure podcast, A  Window To The Magic, to spend the episode geeking out with us. Listen in as we discuss all sorts of geekery, including lots of talk about the Disney parks, … More Metal Geeks 22: Window To The Geekery