Metal Geeks Podcast Holiday Gift X-Change


The Metal Geeks Podcast Holiday Gift X-change is our take on one of the most popular Holiday games, Secret Santa, or Secret Hannukah Harry, your choice. This is a fun way for the Metal Geeks community to have some fun and an easy way for a group of friends, family, and strangers to exchange presents. In the case here, it’s the Metal Geeks listeners.

The concept is simple. You give us your name, address, and 5 items on a wish list that is around $10 to $15, and you will in return receive a name , address and wish list of someone else. You purchase something for them, mail it to them, and Voila! You are a secret Santa. What you receive as a present might not be from the same person you sent to either.

This is open to all listeners, fans and other wise acquaintances of the Metal Geeks Podcast. You must have a valid email address to take part. We  must be able to reach you and keep in contact with you through the process.

The target price is between $10 and $15 dollars. This is Before Shipping. Please let us know if you are willing to ship overseas when you contact us. Try to swap with something your partner would actually want. Don’t visit the Dollar Store for all of your shopping needs. What constitutes a good present? Vinylmation, comic books, Blu Ray or DVD, Funko Pop, CD’s, etc. But please try to buy something your partner would actually want.

Please make sure the gifts are age appropriate. Please don’t send alcohol as we might  have minors participating. Please no food items either.

Wish lists are required. Please come up with a list of about 5-6 items when you first contact us through email, and  links to where to purchase them. Also let us know if you would accept a handmade item.

You are responsible for your own shipping. Please make sure the package arrives in a timely manner. Please pay the little extra for tracking and/or insurance so it will be easily trackable. Things get lost in the mail this time of the year. It just happens.

The Shipping deadline will be December 20th! Please have your package in the mail by this time to ensure arrival!

Please contact us with any questions at

– Cary and Jon-Michael


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