Pppppplease!!!! Not Eddie Valiant! Bob Hoskins dies at age 71.

1988 Quien enganyo a Roger Rabbit (Bob Hoskins Roger Rabbit Robert Zemekis) 01

Not to make this too personal, but too late;  I was and still am a huge fan of the ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ movie. I devoured anything that had to do with the movie. It came out when I was just finishing Junior High, and had a big impact on me as a filmmaker as far as the  technical aspects, and really inspired me to pursue my chosen path in life. Bob Hoskins portrayal of Eddie Valiant was one to be admired. He was the straight man living in a comical world, and played that part perfectly. He was believable as Eddie, when a lesser actor would of always hammed it up. And who can forget his stint as Mario in the ill-conceive Super Mario Bros. movie. I sure can’t. Rest in peace, Bob Hoskins. We here at Metal Geeks salute you and thank you for the joy you have brought to us fans over the years.  – Cary G.

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