MSRcast 211: Metal Finds A Way

It seems Metal…uhhh…always finds a way! Join your hosts, Cary the Metal Geek and Sean the Metal Pigeon as they dig into new releases ranging from The Skull, Omnium Gatherum, Vreid, Silvertomb, Cauldron, and much more. There are also discussions of recent concert experiences including Unleash The Archers/Striker/Helion Prime, Helloween in Chicago, and the last ever dead horse show in Houston! Keep it metal!


The Skull – Ravenswood – The Endless Road Turns Black

Helloween – Ride The Sky – Walls Of Jericho

dead horse – Scottish Hell/Subhumanity – horsecore: An Unrelenting Story That’s Time Consuming

Striker – Full Speed Or No Speed – Eyes In The Night

Helion Prime – Life Finds a Way – Helion Prime

Omnium Gatherum – The Frontline – The Burning Cold

Scrollkeeper – Path to Glory

Cauldron – Together As None – New Gods

Silvertomb – Insomnia

Vreid – One Hundred Years

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3 thoughts on “MSRcast 211: Metal Finds A Way

  1. I wouldn’t think that Avantasia was very good if I heard them in my teens.
    I think of them as metal flavored porridge, just like bands like say Europe.

    West Oaks Mall – yeah, I remember those days too, I bought Overkill “Horrorscope” and Exodus “Fabulous Disaster” among many other CDs there 🙂

    Thanks for having us on your show!

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