MSRcast 271: Interview with Cammie from Oceans of Slumber

In this very special episode of MSRcast, we sit down with Cammie Beverly, lead vocalist of Oceans of Slumber right before the kickoff of their current tour. We discuss the pandemic, the brand new album, imagery with the band, music videos, performing cover songs, being part of an Ayreon album, her guest spots with other bands, her vocal delivery, her influences and so much more! Tune in and get to know Cammie!


Oceans of Slumber – Hearts of Stone  – Starlight And Ash

Oceans of Slumber – Red Forest Roads – Starlight And Ash

Oceans of Slumber – House of the Rising Sun –  Starlight And Ash

Oceans of Slumber – Wolf Moon – Oceans Of Slumber

Ayreon – Hopelessly Slipping Away – Transitus

Bjork – Venus As A Boy – Debut 

Mark Lanegan – The Gravedigger’s Song  – Blues Funeral

Cancer Bats – Hammering On – Psychic Jailbreak

Mercury Circle – Like Matches – Killing Moons

Swallow The Sun – All Hallows Grieve – Moonflowers

Oceans Of Slumber – No Color, No Light – The Banished Heart 

Oceans Of Slumber – Suffer The Last Bridge – Winter

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